New airport patch

I read that 400 new airports were added to the new server. When can we expect this patch for the other worlds? And will this patch also correct wrong airport data?
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First of all thanks for this patch! Happy to hear about it!

I would like to add 2 questions on top of highscore’s:

  • can we see a list to know which airports were added in which country?
  • I also expected (or hoped) the long awaited demand data update for all other airports to come along in this patch. Is this also in schedule to be included any time soon?



Another question: NAY in China is an airport with 5 bars demand in AS. In reality, there are 9 departures from there. How will the coming patch treat cases like this?

An answer about the schedule would be very much appreciated.

Nanyuan closed the day before Daxing was officially opened. All China United ops (the only airline to using it) were transferred on the Sunday for Monday opening. Nanyuan had to close due to runway conflict. Nanyuan was actually a busy airport but only had 1 runway. China United has 57 a/c. At the moment all international flights have been transferred back to PEK due to Covid-19 restrictions on foreigners entering the PRC.
Nanyuan had 6.5 million passengers in its last full year 2018. Daxing had 3 million passengers in its first 3 months. More flights, particularly international carriers, were due to move to Daxing this year.

This does not answer my question… it is possible to schedule flights from NAY here in AS and I would like to know from the team how the new patch (whenever it will be rolled out) will handle this.

They will reduce the bars to zero as it is no longer an operational airport. I would have thought that would be obvious. As the ICAO codes are different you will have to manually change your flights. The only time that flights have been automatically transferred is when the ICAO code has stayed the same. KMG and IST are 2 examples. If you then change the schedule then any flight time differences will come into play. Of course they may have wriiten a program to do this but why should they, it would need testing and signing off before running and checking using resources AS do not have. In the Daxing thread which was started last year there is plenty of info about the airport.

tso310 is right. On Blériot, NAY is already out with the opening of Daxing.

Generally, we’re doing all the airport-related updates in several stages. This part was convenient to be launched with the new game world, but more updates/changes are in the works, which will probably be rolled out when the current airport patch will be applied to all game worlds.
For this patch, there were few changes to existing airports, because the focus was to first get all the additional airports into the game that will now be able work in-game, as they are included in the new relative demand data, even if most of those airports are rather small.

Ok. That means rescheduling for some airports. Thanks for the answer.
End of April is still the ETA for the rollout to all servers?

No, that was the ETA for yesterday :wink: So you’ll still have some time to prepare and we’ll have more time to check if all goes well on Blériot and make further data changes.

Ok. Can you be a bit more precise in terms of schedule?
Some weeks ago, I already asked and it was announced by end of April. Now you tell us that this was the ETA for the new world where you wanna test things. Fair enough.
But it would really be good to know when all other servers can expect the patch and the new airports.

“We’re also working on a new airport data patch right now that will eventually include a few hundred updates (with many new airports being added). We’re planning to finish, test and release this patch in 1Q2020. This will be released on all game worlds and with that, the relative demand data will also make its way onto all older game worlds.”

This was the announcement last year… very precise but not accurate.


I hope my home airport BUD/LHBP gets some update as well. In game its sits at 6 bar, irl as Budapest being a major tourist destination in EU , it has a 10-15% growth rate every year since 2014, 16m pax last year, so it should be a 7 bar airport(plus a few overcrowded routes, mainly london(every airport)-budapest , or asian demand (korean/japanese, chinese(we have a large chinese colony here)).
Obviously these are non Covid19 numbers…

If you hace reliable sources with these numbers, you should write an email to support as indicated on every airport page in AS. Hidden data in a thread will not be seen.

Can we expect a list of the new airports at any given time?
I am sure most of the players are interested in such a list.

Additionally i counted the total number of airports on Bleriot and compared it to the other gameworlds.
There are 4546 airports on Bleriot and 4367 on the other gameworlds (I used aspern to compare).
That means the number increased by 179, which also means at least 221 airports must have been removed to match the 400 new airports. So a list would be very helpful to understand which airports were removed and which added.