New Alliance Closing in

Hi! I am the CEO of Avia Romania (RO), and I am looking for founding members to create Schengen Alliance.

The purpose of this alliance is to gather European airlines into a business opportunity. By creating these euroHUBs, we will unite against major players which already monopolize the biggest european hubs.

The conditions to be a part of these venture:

  • minimum BB rating (at first);

  • at least two week old airline;

  • having both required logos;

  • a description of the airline on its page; (you will have to mention that your hub is a euroHUB of the Schengen Alliance);

Let me know what you think:p

(Details can be changed by management)

Which three airlines are founding it?

(Also, not to stop you but European Glory have done the exact same thing)

Did you even read my post? :D  It says I'm looking for founding members.

I have noticed European Glory, I even wanted to apply, but there was already an airline in Moldova(I operate in Romania). I like the concept, but would have wanted to set some different principles.

Guidelines for glory look simplified, I think they'd let in anyone from the EU, what principles are you suggesting?