New bug: aircraft (asset) transfer creates/hires staff

This bug is recent and started to present itself sometimes during the last two weeks. I know it has not been there before because I previously did asset transfer of aircraft from holding to my investment subsidiary (with a subsequent sale-back) to move cash there. The investment subsidiary does not operate any flights.

After the aircraft was received in the investment subsidiary, it hired 22 network planners and 2 administration employees. After the aircraft was sold back form the investment subsidiary to the holding, 22 network planners were left without job and were available for "firing". But the two administration personnel are still listed, basically will now be generating wages.

This is a bug because if the company does not fly, does not do nothing, only holds investments, why does it have to pay for staff?

The same happens if you acquire aircraft and you want to lease it out, your company hires 22 network planners and 2 for administration, and you need to fire network planners when you put aircraft for leas eon the market.

The last time I did aircraft transfer and sale-back, no staff was hired. This was about two weeks ago. Now the staff is hired and I have to pay wages, from a  company that only holds assets.

Edit: It also affects your regular holding when you lease a plane, new administration staff and flight planning is hired immediately when your plane hits the fleet. Before, this staff was only hired once you scheduled the flight(even if not activated), but only when scheduling started. This means that any plane you lease and not fly (even for lease-out) you have to pay staff, administration and network planning.

Please correct this bug and make it as it was before.

OK, found the issue:

If you are doing aircraft transfer, or lease aircraft, DO NOT go to "Staff" tab. Until you go there, no staff is being hired for the asset transfer aircraft. AFTER you go to staff, it gets hired. Just tested that with a brand new subsidiary. Transferred aircraft in and out, then liquidated, all the start capital was returned (no staff hired - no severance pay). I did another subsidiary, transferred aircraft in, went into STAFF while aircraft in, staff got hired, then transferred aircraft out and liquidated, and of course I had to pay staff severance salary.

ADVISE: If you have an investment subsidiary or a leasing-only company, DO NOT click on STAFF, or you will get all the network planners hired for all aircraft that are placed in that subsidiary/leasing company.

Hi George,

I have had the same problem, and it is not a new problem.

Not clicking on <staff> won't help you either... at some point, staff is hired anyway. I have had it in the past when I moved a plane to my leasing subsidiary and did not put the plane on the market straight away, and when planes were returned and I did not put them back on the market straight away. I don't know when the staff is hired, but it could be when salaries have to be paid and the system checks the fleet. Or perhaps the system checks the size of your fleet every now and then...

Anyway, I agree with you. It is stupid to (automatically) hire staff for a company that does not operate any flights.


The solution would be to pay the minimum wage (below average) for such leasing subsidiary, if it does not operate any flight staff negative mood and resulting overall rating should not matter much.