New Game World?

Is there going to be a new game world in the near future?

I only have one problem with the game worlds available at the moment : there are too many users, slots are taken too fast and major airports are unflyable 2 months after the start of the game world which is unfortunate. I have no problem competing with big airlines already well established but being restricted by non availability of slots in big airports is quite frustrating.


Would love to know anybody's opinion about that.

No there isn't a new server planed at the moment. But if there is, we will inform you here and on facebook etc.

I think there would be demand for a new world as long as we take lessons from gatow. I would suggest that for the first 3 months there would be no option to lease used aircraft (like in the old days).

There is no need for a new world. There are plenty of opportunities on the old game worlds. By old i mean those launched more then 2 years ago. Because the last ones (meigs, gatow, pearls) are not that good.

Those complaining that the old game worlds don't offer possibilities are just lazy and want to play an easy game. I started about 5 months ago on Tempelhof (which is quite old and has lots of estabilished airlines) and my company now already has more then 130 airplanes and i flown more then 5 million passengers. 

My experience on Tempelhof showed me that you can fly into any airport you want with a little patience. I fly to FRA, MUC, LHR, CDG (anything you want in Europe) although these airports have nearly 100% of the slots occupied. But from time to time a company goes down and then i move in and take the slots. But for this you need dedication and patience!

I strongly disagree with the creation of a new game world. Before Gatow was launched i pointed out that the old servers will take a hit if a new game server is launched. 

I said: 

As past experiences tell us anytime a new server was opened the number of players on other servers diminished. Now AS opens up another server without any new feature and again there will be a mass migration from older servers (especially Pearls and Meigs) to the new server. And that will result in having more servers with "big", "cheating" companies and in a few months (i'm willing to bet on that with anyone) another newbie appears asking for a new server.

Aren't we here again ?

Back then Martin from the AS team pointed out that 

Experience shows that hardly any server drops considerably below 300 players. Even our very first game worlds which are about 5 years old now have around 300 players, at least. At this level, servers are above break-even. It's not amazing, but it suffices. Once a server drops below 200 players, we might have to start thinking about taking actions. But then again: What fun is a game world that has that few players, anyhow?

Well, it seems that there are now 7 servers quite below the 300 player mark. If there is another game world launched then i think one of the older servers will certainly go to 200 players or less and then it will need to be closed down. Knowing how much I invested (time and money) in my company, I'm not quite comfortable with that. 

I might be slow here but is there a link to show the diferrences between the servers - im currently on the devau server.

Personally, I prefer starting in an older, established server because it seems more "real world" to me: in the real world, if I started a new airline today, I would have to contend with established airlines--some newer, some older, some better run than others. In my opinion, starting in a brand-new world does not seem realistic because all the airlines are new and are starting from a "clean slate," so to speak. In the real world, some airlines have been around since the first half of the 20th century.

I can understand some people's frustrations with certain aspects of the older worlds; however, I believe that with a good plan and the right formula, a new airline can make its mark and compete with the older, more established ones (I just wish I could find that formula!).