New Passenger Types


I was wondering when there will be testing or a new server with the new passenger types?

I was going to start up on Otto III when it began but I thought I would wait and see if that was going to be in the pipe.  


Yeah, but it’s a long pipe and it’s being used for smoking a lot…

and it's being used for smoking a lot...

as far as I can see it has not been used at all  ;) 

...not for over a year anyway so who knows if this not actually hopes and dreams like the "performance system" to keep people thinking new features will come online  :ph34r:


you suggest that Martin and AS do not really plan any changes or improvements... that changes are only announced to keep us happy.

I think that's not fair. It shows lack of your intellectual integrity, in view of the changes and improvements that have been introduced over the past years. I hope you're only frustrated because it takes more time than expected.


Hi Jan,

my comment was based on sarcasm and only a little bit of frustration. That frustration however grew out of repeated false claims regarding dates and otherwise lack of information. As such, just like the performance system, announcements have been smoke and mirrors so far  ;) . I obviously expect these projects to be real (hence the use of a smiley), so no need to question my integrity.



I am sorry for not recognising the sarcasm  :ph34r:


My goal was not to start a flame war, or imply that there is a lack of development for this game.   I first played this over 5 years ago, and coming back recently was very impressed by the continued improvements that I have seen.   The recent blogs about passenger types have quite intrigued me, so this post was simply asking for an update on it.

I am a rather happy, although infrequent, user of this service and would thank the developer for their continued interest and development of a rather niche game.

And as a side note, may the blessings of the season be upon you all, happy holidays :)