New Patch 02_20

Just wanted to say thank you for this patch. Flightplanning has improved a lot now.

Thanks, AS team!

Same here, some nice improvements. One thing I realized not knowing if that is on purpose as it has not been that way before:
After planning in a flight (A-B) I set the departure time for the next flight (B-C). Changing the destination to C then resets the time to the previous automatic AS time setting. If see no improvement in this feature if it is ment to be like this and would prefer it was the same as before where changing the destination would not reset the time previously set.


I thought that I made something wrong… But that also happened to me…

Please send a bug report to

Additionally I do not see the home airport when a company gets deleted, only a dollar sign and airport in columns (e.g. ${airport} ) But that is maybe only for companies that were founded before the patch?

As mentioned in the patch notes, this applies to all deletions that happened before the patch, as the relevant data is missing. Doesn’t matter when the airline was founded - I can see on Riem that all deletions since May 28th show the former headquarter location.

Oh, sorry, my mistkae then. Thanks!