New player looking for mentoring on Stapleton


I started playing AS a few weeks ago, and the least I can say is that I an starting to fall in love this simulation.

I did already see that it is possible to find mentors that would help me understand the game even better, and stop only scratching the surface as I have the impression to do now.

I wanted to be positively sure that I would not get bored after a few days before asking anybody for his time. Now, after two weeks, dozens of resets already, quite a few stupid questions on these forums (thanks for the patience), I'm quite my interest in AS is not going to fade anytime soon.

That's for the intro.

I finally got a decently-running airline that I cuddle, pet and slowly grow daily on Stapleton, one AS$ at a time. But I got quite a few more specific strategic questions to be answered about a variety of subjects, ranging from strategy to competition and finance.

I would be honored if any of the more experienced player on that game could share with me a portion of his knowledge on the game to help me build my very own strategy. And maybe being able to do the same later with new players.

A bit about me?

I'm Pierre. I'm 29. I'm french – currently living in Madrid, Spain. And I'm currently pursuing a PhD degree in the field of computer science, or more specifically artificial intelligence and machine learning.

And of course, I'm in love with anything related to Aviation – from just collecting Flying Blue miles to being absolutely amazed visiting the Airbus manufacturing plant in Hamburg.



As you are a direct competitor to me, I cannot give you support... But I have seen that you opened the company and have not scheduled one flight nor have leased one plane. Why?

I can understand this quite well.  :blush:

I have leased planes, but as a subsidiary.

I currently have a modest (but growing) fleet of 12 aircraft, and I am operating something like 100 domestic flights a day.

Why have you created 2 subs? :wacko:

Good question.

I first understood that it was a good idea to separate the main holding from the airline subsidiary.

Then, I saw quite a lot of airlines separating the long-haul flights (that I do not have yet) from the short- and medium-haul flights.

I assumed it could be to simplify management as airline grows, to lower maintenance costs by reducing the number of different fleet types, to keep the image ratings distinct, or to improve flexibility while lowering cost for IL partners by allowing them to contract only with one or the other company. At the expense of the money transfer hassle, which is not really problematic as of today.

I also noticed that the domestic airline is usually a subsidiary of the international one, for reasons that I can't quite understand yet. Maybe simply to mimic the reality.

Anyway. As the cost to begin like this was exactly zero, I just did it.

And if it can also fool competitors, that's even better.  :lol:

Creating one sub makes sense. Second sub is created by the time that you are a huge company and have the money to create the second one.

Transfering money from one to the other sub / holding is only possible if not listed.

To fool me, you need to make some fancy stuff. By creating subs and subs and subs, you will loose control yourself - and it is quite useless for a startup company. If you have around 150 planes or flights numbers are taken, then you can create a new sub. My 2 cents here. :)

Just some addition to Highscore's tips: When you just started, one sub will be better because you will have more initial cash for the growth. You can reduce maintenance cost with subs when you have a large fleet, but i see airline running several types of aircraft (even myself a while ago) with pretty fine condition. If you have a small fleet, the addition maintenance cost doesn't matter that much as the amount of money increased isn't significant. 

By the way: your second holding costs credits, hope that you are aware ot this.

I’m perfectly aware for the second holding, thanks!

It is just for some tests. I even have two more on other servers ?

@TWAair: Regarding the cost of two subs, I don’t follow you. You say that I start with fewer credits, but the sub was started with all the $10.000.000, leaving no money in the holding and the intermediate sub. Neither of those cost me anything as of today. Although I agree with you on the fact that this is probably perfectly useless, it seems that the cost is zero for the moment.

Each holding/sub may hire staff, even if no planes are flying. So by keeping them alive you will be paying people to do nothing. Even worse, if your holding (with 0 cash) cannot pay salaries you may or may not get a rescue loan - and if you don't, all your subs will go bankrupt even if they have millions in the bank!

Just start with the holding, and open subs if and when you need them, and for specific purposes. And never under any circumstances leave your holding with absolutely no money.

@TWAair: Regarding the cost of two subs, I don't follow you. You say that I start with fewer credits, but the sub was started with all the $10.000.000, leaving no money in the holding and the intermediate sub. Neither of those cost me anything as of today. Although I agree with you on the fact that this is probably perfectly useless, it seems that the cost is zero for the moment.

What i was talking about is if you have two subs, you probably will divide $10,000,000AS into two pieces, and you have less money to spend on leasing aircraft for each airline.

If you just set up intermediate without any cash in it, what's the reason of having that in the first place? Even players having airlines under another airline started with the parent airline. They just need another airline to hold smaller aircraft to complete their connection. It makes the parent airline more 'international', but the company usually still have tons of domestic routes. I only see one player seems to start with an intermediate company between his airline and holding, but it's really useless because it turns out everything he can do with the main holding, e.g. terminal and leasing service, becomes part of services of his intermediate company, and the holding is just leave with no use. It's not needed even when you want to have a separated company for those service since you can create a new company later on under either your airline or your holding. 

I hope this explains better  :)

BTW, don't do any terminal and leasing service when you just started. they're not the best pace to spend your money on

Well, in the times past careful planning especially with starting up and using intermediate company served certain purposes. Those purposes are now rendered void.

Well. Thanks all for your insightful advice and clear explanations. I can see the point better now.

I'm sure there's a ton of other things that I'm doing absolutely wrong, but are just hidden from you. That is exactly why a mentor would be awesome!  ^_^

@TWAAir: No worries. Leasing, leasing and leasing again until – hopefully – I don't know what to do of my money, in many months. I got that quite clearly!  :lol:

hey. I am at Stapleton too. I'm doing OK there and I can help you out with cheap planes. pls reply or contact me ingame