New player, questions regarding fuel.

Please correct me if I am being dimwitted, I'm trying to wrap my head around fuel costs, but I'm having a bit of trouble.

Fuel costs on Pearls are listed at 62.78 ASc$/l. This is 62.78$ per liter, correct?

Now let's take the Dash8 Q400A. On the performance check tool, a flight from FRA to ZRH is listed as consuming 1,034 liters of fuel. 1,034*62.78 = $64, 914

The same Dash8 Q400A on the Aircraft Type Evaluation tool shows FRA to ZRH as only costing $648 worth of fuel. This would only be 10.3 liters consumption?

Again, please please please let me know if I am being an idiot. I am awful with mathematics. I see numbers and my head starts spinning so I'll take all the clarification I can get!

You have a conversion problem, and a significant digits issue. 62.78ASc$/L is $0.6278/L, not $62.78/L. The type evaluation tool rounds values to give a neat integer number (1034L instead of 1033.6L), so the actual cost is somewhere very near to $648. According to the performance calculator’s numbers, the fuel cost would be $649.14.

Thank you!