New player rant, LCC and ORS rating

Hello all.
I am a relatively new player to AS, and have tried many different things over the past month in the new Otto which has kinda become too crowded. However, I could keep that niche we had talked about on a post earlier in the year.
My most successful is a Manila-based carrier. I was running good frequencies and 100% full domestic sectors and some int’l but was only getting 10k a flight at most. It might’ve been my generosity on service or something. I ended up having planes seized and rescue loans galore. In summary, I restarted and am looking for tips.
Moreover, I wanted to bring up low-cost carriers since they are a big hit in Asia as a continent. As someone mentioned, ppl book flights based on the ORS rating, which itself is partly price.
Is there any way that if the service is low but the price is extremely low, that pax would book it? I know the rest of the components are pretty much set. Pretty much asking since every pax in ORS prefers full-service and not necessarily cost, which is not 100% the case in real life, especially in a market like Asia.
Also, will we ever see Buy on Board service? It is now becoming commonplace in every carrier all over the world, and it could be implemented in the service profile menu.
Anyways, thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

I was your competitor at MNL, but I stopped playing because my ultra low cost carrier Mojave Airlines is doing so much better. I was doing 125% price and full services at MNL. This is usually the best stratagy when there is no cheap used planes on the market, but when there are used planes the best stratagy is to spam the cheap planes and go cheap on seats and services.
The current ORS considers the price to be the most crucial factor, so seats and services doesn’t matter so much.

Another suggestion is that you should not fear comprtition. Don’t avoid routes that your competitor operate. You spend the same money on this game, so no one has any advantage over others. Just use your brain to beat him. Don’t let him take over all the routes with high demands.

The demand system has changed, and the current situation is that domestic routes are the boss, essentially in every country. But at MNL, HKG/TPE/SIN/KUL/BKK/CGK/HND are all very good options with high OD demand.

I wish you best luck this time. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I’m willing to provide more help.

Thank you very much for your help and advice!

Very surprised to read this… in Xiguan you’re king if you put high end seats in your planes, basically you put business class sets in economy and charge high prices, price doesn’t seem to have any effect on the ORS rating.

Yeah, they have changed the ors. The new one has been in use since last year on yeager I.

Guess I need to quit the game over this, as it will keep winding me up… how can you ignore a price concious passenger :frowning:

The new ORS does allow for more dense configurations and price sensitive flying. Currently I am on Yeager and is very much competing on both price and quality for passengers. Would you make a profit being Ryanair or Spirit? I don’t know I went more of the legacy route, but you never know.