New Server

I have decided to start Airlinesim again. I’m wondering when will the new server will be created?


Maybe an administrator can clear this out.

But, on the old forums, It is said that it will probably be on the next two months.

Just read this post:

my guess is mid to late July… btw how do you think we will be notified, I mean only a small portion of the players actually participate in the forums and like me I guess a lot of people have used their "spam" e-mail account for their AS account, which they never check.

When somebody knowingly uses his “spam account” to set up a user account with AirlineSim (or any other site, really) he willingly takes the risk of missing important information. We don’t do email validity checks on sign-up for no reason.

Concerning the starting date of a new game world: As of now we expect it to start in early July. But that’s not a definite yet.

email validity check is in no way a guarantee that the user will use an e-mail regularly… of course I have access to it and if required I can open it confirm your validation and be done with it. Also it seems like you mean to say that everybody should use their regular e-mail for AirlineSim. I think you will be lying if you say that you use your main e-mail for signing up to online forums and free offers and games and stuff. No one in their right mind should do it, I believe, I mean providing an e-mail address to my bank or my lawyer is different and should be different from providing my e-mail to some random online game/forum/etc. Even at this point I am not sure about if I should give you my regular e-mail or if you will sell it and I will be attacked with spam. This is not unusual behavior given the amount of spam in the internet today and you should work around this and not have an approach where paying customers are not informed properly due to what most would say "responsible" e-mail behavior. Send an IGM for gods sake how hard is it???

I am well aware that some people won’t check their email addresses every hour or on a daily basis. That’s why we send out important information ahead of time. At the same time we try to employ as many channels for our communication as possible (news portal, links to new news posts within game worlds, Facebook, Twitter, announcements on the forums, in-game messages and, occasionally, emails).

But still, using a one-way email address to sign up for anything that’s meant to last is never a good idea. Of course I can understand that one needs to be careful when handing out email addresses nowadays and it’s never a bad idea to have special email addresses for special purposes. But I reject the idea of AirlineSim (or simulogics, in that sense) being the same as “free offers” or a mere online forum. After all people usually trust us far enough to pay for our services (others should delete their account) and - to make this especially clear - we will never sell any personal data to any third party.

To get back to the original question: To get notified about a new server launch I recommend subscribing to our news feed or following us on Twitter/Facebook.

[font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]although no exact date for launching the new world?

to make the announcement, I imagine they will use various methods, we hope to launchsoon the new world, so I think a good airline.[/size][/font]

Martin I agree with you that you/your organization won’t sell my e-mail/profile info. I found AirlineSim through Google since I was tired of Travian and was looking for something new. At that point how do you justify having the level of trust and confidence that I have now? I mean there are so many crappy sims and games which are completely worthless and probably live off selling profile info, how could I have known that AS wasn’t such an organization? In any case if you are using facebook to distribute info and other channels along with it that should be good enough although I personally haven’t yet activated the facebook link for AS.

btw Martin while we are on the topic is it possible to change my e-mail addr at this point? If so let me know where to send the addr.

Just go to your user profile and change it. You find the settings page here:

Thanks and it turns out I didn’t give you my pure spam account as I thought I had, I gave AS my 2nd personal mail which is configured into my mobile but I don’t check it as often, but I just checked it and guess what you spammed me!!!

just kidding, there were some 50 unread messsages from AS no spam!!!

If you don’t want to receive these (they’re probably notifications of having a new private message), disable them from each server’s customizable options. Important stuff like the German players are facing (transfer of account data) will always be sent to all accounts on the account server, regardless of server notification settings.

[color=#888888][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2][color=#000000][size=2]Returning to the theme of initiation.

server will be for the same amount of people?


server name will STAPLETON?

A greeting.[/size][/color][/size][/font][/color]

I don’t think the server name has been decided yet. Stapleton has traditionally been our test server where the larger patches (such as the recent 1.5.7) are tested using a copy of live data from other servers. I’m not sure whether this will be put into service as an actual server or will remain as a test server with another name being given to the new server.

As for player amount, it’s a fair bet to say it will be the same as the previous servers, but again, since things are not set in stone yet I couldn’t tell you for certain.

[font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]Ahhh ok,

I understand you do not know with certainty how it shall be decided,

I think I need a new world, the company owns airlinesim is new, but as I have seen inother games, do not expect more than 1 year to bring new worlds.

So I say that every world after 4 months does not get interesting for new people, andthey have taken advantage, and would be difficult to start the game

I was a member of staff of a battle game in 2 years which already had more than 15worlds. and the method is good, because they can use 1 server computer for 2 worlds

strategy is as follows, instead of having up to 1200 players, up to 800, which is anumber that will go to fill in a short time, but just as happens in Nicosia and in croydon,after time lower capacity servers. and people are more interested in new worlds, so,could you open worlds in a short time using a single computer based server.

Are ideas of marketing strategy


Sounds like a good idea to me as long as the old game worlds are not terminated because playing once the world has a stable set of large airlines and competing amongst them is an interesting aspect of the game. Also I think this would increase the number of new player a lot especially if you have a system whereby players can transfer purchased credits between worlds and new world are announced maybe 2-3 months in advance… like Travian where you can really find a new server within weeks in some regional server, I donno how well they are doing now tho.

About the naming how about having a poll on a few suggestions from the AS Team?

Also can we expect something about the in game marketing in the new server?

Or some "rule" changes like in german servers? 15 hour transfer limit, only modern ACs?

[color=#888888][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2][color=#000000][size=2]

[/size][/color][/size][/font][/color][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]Hello,

there is already a date for starting the server?

the name they choose to vote or administrators?


When a launch date is known, an announcement will be made. For now, nothing has been decided yet. All I can tell you is that the server is coming soon. How soon exactly remains to be seen.

[font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]hahaha,

tims, likes to intrigue, xD

but I’m glad there are aspirations to be a server soon.

Regards, and sorry to bother so much xD[/size][/font]