new server?

Will we be seeing a new server anytime soon? It would be nice to start on a fresh one at some point.

Stapleton should still be fresh enogh.

Stapleton is fresh, but it is also full. I didn’t have much trouble starting up in Templehof last month. Seemed like a lot of airlines had closed down when Stapleton opened.

This really sounds unbelievable to me. Stapleton is just 2 months old and people are already asking for a new server?! Why are there so many people out there who only want to start in an empty world and not raise to the challenge and try to set up an airline in an already crowded world? There’s soooo much space and sooo many chances on the existing servers…

It says 1200/1200 does that not mean it’s full?

when you really want to start on stapleton wait some weeks, then there are less user.

or start on for example on devau, there are enough space for you

I first started templhof, as stapleton was full. Once I saw a free spot I quickly joined. - There is still pleanty of opporunities in stapleton for when you do get a free spot.

That said, perhaps it would be a good idea if there was a server that reset every 3 months or so with an increased speed rate. I think the common question is really arising from those who are extremely competitve and striving to be no.1 Airline.

Perhaps an increased time frame where RT (Real time) 20 mins = 1 game hour. That would mean there are 3 game hours per 1 RT hour, and 3 game days per 1 RT day. This would allow for approximately 27 game months per 3 RT months. Airlines could develop to some sort of maturity in this time, and competitive gamers could get their kick.

This said of course it would demand more server resources, so an increased fee would have to be payed, however given its going for those who are competitive perhaps the top 3 at the end wouldnt have to pay for the next 3 months of that server.

there’s so much space in other game worlds. you just have to look around. i’ve found a nice spot on croydon and it’s easier (less competition) than on stapleton.

more important than a new gameworld is the new configuration with new aircraft, etc… the as-team is working on this and i’m really looking forward to this.