New technical patch - BUG - Flt.# -> scheduling page

This is a bug/missing feature that happened after applying the new technical patch on the existing servers.

Before, after you went into Flight Number -> Scheduling, under assigned aircraft (e.g. AA-12345N) you could click that link and be brought directly to the schedule page of that aircraft (it's the "Currently assigned aircraft" area).

Before the aircraft registration number was coded with URL link, now it is not and it's just a plain text.

Can we please get that URL linking back?

Thank you.

You can still click it and will be brought back to the aircraft's schedule. I'll investigate why it's not displaying as a link anymore, though.

...once I'm done with the "slightly" more pressing issues at hand.

You are right ... it makes a click and goes to the schedule page ... but the cursor does not register it as a link, but rather as a plain text

really strange.