Newbie Question: How do you delete a flight?

Okay this should be a really easy question but since i'm a newbie, and i'm indeed confused.

For example, if I want to remove flight 1 and flight 2 (They are already scheduled), what should i do first? Cancel the flight from the route management first and then delete them from the scheduling page? Or remove them from schedule first then cancel the flights?

Another start-up question: I've started couple routes that are only flying by me. However, most of them have showed very low load factor. Those routes are between mid-large cities with PAX demand over 5. I've got pilots assigned, On board service assigned (with good rating), decent planes (very new, popular and over 90 conditions).

What should i do? should i wait for another few days to see if the load goes up? or should i just make changes on routes (Less flights? Less price?)

Thanks for your time, i do appreciate any forms of help.

It does not really matter how you cancel them. The Easiest way I think is you go to fleets then select the aircraft and then go to details ..... then mark all the flights and select cancel. then go to the schedule and remove the flights from the schedule. If you are in the detauls its the left register so you don't have to go all the way back or so. For your second question .... normally wait up to 3 days to really see what the load will be. It is only updated once in 24 hrs and it need some time to get all the connections and connection possibilities into the system. This game sometimes seems not to be logical by trying famous routes that work in real life of airports with decent looking loads or so. You need to create a hub system. The more flights to different directions you have and you offer the better it is. If you get low loadfactors you may change to a smaller airplane or just try to play with the price. if all does not work then better cancel the route ... find routes that will work and then try it later again .....


When I delete a flight, I first cancel them, then delete the schedule then I go to "Flight Numbers" (Under route management) and go "Cancel all unused flight numbers" (at the bottom). It works for me.

For your second question, Make sure you use "Activate Schedule 3 days delayed"! It helps A LOT. And like benjaminA330 says, Switch to smaller planes or lower the prices. Hope this helpsĀ  :D


Thanks BenjaminA330 and drumsnolan, i guess i will just be a little patient.