Next short term game world

As written in the blog when Bleriot was released, about planned frequencies for starting new short term game worlds, can we then still expect a new short term game world to start in a few weeks time?

We’re planning to launch a new short-term game world by the of of the month (next week).

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And are there plans for a long term game world?

Any special features / configuration in this new world next week?

Not at the moment.

Not this time, but we are also evaluating new iterations of the Domination and Wright game words (which I’d consider special configurations, while the 5 standard short-term game worlds only differ in smaller aspects such as aircraft choice or slots). The every ~2 months plan is only for those standard short-term game worlds though, while the others with special configurations are additional.

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So we’re talking a “standard” short term game set up?


Yes, joining the line of Quimby, Otto, Yeager and Blériot.

I sit clear which day it will be launched?

It launched yesterday.