Nice in Meigs


Ive been looking through the forums and many time it has cropped up that filling a gap in a relatively used server would be a good idea.

Nice had 68% slot availibility and 7 pax demand and there is no competitor at all i.e no other airline based at nice. Would this and similar examples on other old servers bee a oppurtunity to start an airline with little competion or is there some catch im missing??

Thanks in advance for any replies

The only downside is that any European country enterprise can open up a route, not just a French company, or even a Nice-based airline. This is also a benefit, as you could open up a route anywhere within the EU treaty countries. But with readily available slots and a healthy demand, it’s a perfect opportunity to start up.


A 7 pax demand is good

The french market is interesting because you can expand on many places outside continental France (like Corsica, Polynesia, FWI, Reunion Island, etc...)

If you want to succeed, have a solid internal network (example 7 to 10 flights a day to Lyon, CDG, 5-6 to Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille, etc...) and then go to europe

Good luck !