nicosia timming?

Look like i have all mi flight delayed compare to hub time, its like 3:45hrs of difference? i dont understand waths going on :)

ex: mi flight is scheduled at 4:00HT and it just take off at 7:45HT

Mi hub its in Toronto, Canada on nicosia server

Check the server status … I guess it is running a little late.

You’ll see the server has a bit of a backlog. It’ll catch up and things will normalize.

It also helps to read the stickies before posting. You’d have been pointed to the same page that I just linked here and found out what was going on without opening this new thread.

may be the next time you post that in the right section of the board - server status

And even then, the update is obviously running, so other than informing people to be patient for the next few hours such a post serves no purpose.

Tks for info all, sorry for that tread, you true a should read the pinned subject before :)