No Black Friday in Airlinesim?

There is no black Friday 80% off credits sale going on in Airlinesim?
How come?

Come on, Martin… start Airlinesim Black Friday !


I was hoping for an 80% all aircraft orders


Don’t have to copy each and every nonsense coming from the US. Especially Black Friday…among the most idiotic perversions of capitalism. Opinions are mine :wink:


To be a true Black Friday you’d have to double the price and then offer a 50% discount and watch people beat each other up to get the “bargain”… :wink:


Why was my last reply to this post deleted?

Because it was personal dispute that didn’t add anything worthwhile to this thread.

But he keeps on posting in this “personal dispute” on other thread. I don’t see you removing his posts that add absolutely nothing to the topic of the OP …