No bookings . Need help

I have recently started my airline , African Expresso on ELLINIKON .  I have flights from johannesburg to durban , johannesburg to cape town , but on both theses routes there is no bookings for the next three days . I am not sure if there is a setting to enable bookings or is it just bad routes . 


no traffic rights

As Yukawa said, your parent company (high fly) is registered in the Netherlands, while the subsidiary African Expresso is registered in South Africa. Traffic rights are inherited from the parent company, so any subsidiaries of high fly can only transport passengers where a Dutch company has the traffic rights to transport passengers.

The only exception to this rule is for a subsidiary registered in an unrestricted market access country, such as Mongolia. A Mongolian subsidiary does not inherit the Dutch traffic rights due to the unrestricted market access: yes, and can transport passengers within Mongolia, as well as passengers to-and-from Mongolia. However, the Mongolian subsidiary cannot transport passengers within the EU.