No dividend payout quote when cy is generating profit

In upcoming events (home page of your airliner) you will find a line "Dividend payout" when your company is quoted at a stock exchange. My airliner is generating profit now but in the upcoming statement the forecast of the dividend pay out at week closing is still nill (no value). I just wonder what are the conditions that an amount will show up at the dividend pay out line in the statement of upcoming events.

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When is your week-closing?

Will you still have some profit after the weekly payments for your staff?

Please wait a few more hours / days.

The figure for the Dividend will only raise after the systems "knows" that your airline will really have "a green figure" at the end of the week.

@Rainer Thanks, sounds logical and I understand the purpose of the upcoming event statement now. 

The dividend pay out counts at the moment that profit number is higher than the total sum of obligations at weekend closing. 

You got it :)