No Onboard Service


I started a new subsidiary and blessed America with routes all over the place from JFK. However, I forgot to add a service profile to any of the routes. The routes got booked and then I individually added a service profile to each route. My cargo are getting booked, but no Y, C or F are getting booked - literally 0! Could this be a consequence of the service profiles issue? In fact, my flights do not appear in the ORS at all despite the Price Performace Ratio being three bars!


No service profile will give you a negative rating in ORS perhaps.
But I have another question: where is your holding based?


It looks like your holding, and therefore your legal home country is in India. With that it mind you do not have traffic rights in the US, and you will get generally 0 bookings


Ok. Now that I have lost a lot of money, let me understand this well. So, how do I start another business in another country without traffic rights problems?


Only if you open up a new holding entirely. At the company founding page, there is a note on where the legal homeland (or so) is.


You can fly cargo. Thus business is not dependent on traffic rights.