No Passenger Bookings

Hi all, I just started yesterday and I’ve been reading the wikis but everything’s pretty overwhelming. I’m currently in the Ellinikon world as IsleJet.

I currently only have GLA-SNN (and the return flight) scheduled to test the water a little first.

I have maintenance, crew, and a service profile, and I have my flight plan executed. Viewing my flights though, I can see that there are 0 bookings even though there isn’t a single competitor on the route. Even if demand was low surely there would be some bookings? Is this due to how the ORS works? I’m a still little confused as to how the airport calculation of demand works. Does the number of bookings increase closer towards the flight? And I’ve read that flights only show up in the ORS 3 days in advance? What’s the significance of that?

Many thanks!

Hi, Welcome to AS and the forum.

If you go to the airport information pages you will find a time labelled “Demand Calculation”. In GLA it is at 01:47 and in SNN 04:27. When you activate a flight plan, any flight within 72 hour period gets booked (appears on the aircraft flight page). Passengers will then only buy tickets for your booked flight once every 24hr period (GLA at 01:47 for example). So really you have to wait until the demand calculation to start seeing passengers.