No Passengers

Any help would be appreciated. I have started a new holding and enterprise, to operate international flights between the country where my hub is, and the US.

The particular route in real life has at least 5 direct, wide body flights per day - A380, 744 and 772/3. In AS, there is only one airline which has 2 direct flights per day. Problem is, I have not 1 passenger. I have seats, I have pilots, I have flight crew, so Im at a loss as to why I have no passengers at all. My competitor is a lot cheaper, but flights are full. So anyone not getting on those flights, has to transfer flights in another city, incurring longer travel time, and ticket prices similar to mine.

Am I missing something here?

first, a little more info on the exact route would help.

secondly, your competitor might create a lot of transfer passangers himself filling uop his plane.

and thirdly, as some people don’t know about that, demand is only calculated once a day for each given airport. how “old” is your route?

  1. The route is Syd-LAX

  2. I dont expect to take any pax off my direct competitor, as his prices are at below break even. I want to take pax who have to transfer in honolulu, who are willing to pay same price, with shorter travel time, and better service and seating.

  3. My first flight is en route now. No pax, and just 1 cargo unit.

would you care to tell us the serve r and airline? it’s easier to look into it that way

The server is Devau, and the airline is Regent Australia.

the answer is quite easy.

you are asking for 900$ eco. your flight doesn’t even show up in the ORS due to a very low overall rating. your flight is 400$ more expensive than the only other direct flight and at least 250$ more expensive than most competing flights via Honolulu. and since lax - syd is a 14 hour flight and DGW, your main competitor offers it - even with transfer - in 17:50h at a more reasonable price, it is no surprise you don’t generate any passengers.

I see your argument for seeing all the other direct flights being booked out, but the only way he can do that is by offering it at a reasonable price.

I recommend you click on your route and check the flight’s rating. I would assume it to be rather low. when your flight doesn’t show up in the ORS (which basically is how pax get distributed onto the single flights), your costumers don’t get any bang for their buck.

only way to fill up your planes with such a low rating is if you have an incredible large feeder pool and a high transfer ratio. since your airline just started out and you only operate this one single widebody, there is no way you can fill it up.

it is generally not a good idea to start with a wide body, particularly not on an established server as devau. you need to build up your hub with regional and national flights first. I would strongly recommend a restart.

Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it.

I think a restart is definately necessary.

My economy price is for eco plus, with all of the bells and whistles, and as I said before, its direct - less than 15% margin according to "Aircraft type evaluation". In real world, no one flys to the US via Hawaii. Everyone flys direct to LAX, unless holidaying in Hawaii. I thought maybe I didnt have international rights, but your advice didnt pick that up. I’ll start over.