Noob questions

Hello All,

I’ve just been playing for 4 weeks now but already heavily addicted. Growth of my Airline has been surely but steadily but run into a couple of questions at the moment. I read the WIKI-article and did several searches on the forum but wasn’t able to found the answers i was looking for. I hope anyone can help me out:

  • First of all; how do you open up an enterprise under your holding company? The IPO doesn’t work because you can’t sell stocks of you holding company but i haven’t been able to find a function ‘open subsidiary’ or something similar. Hope you can tell me.

  • Second; Say my holding is in Germany, i have the, via the EU-treaty, traffic rights in the whole of the EU, however if i fly to destinations outside of the EU they have to start and return to any airport as long as it is in Germany because that is where my holding is based right? Or am i also allowed to fly from France to South Africa for example?

  • Third; If it is so that i’m only allowed to start and return flights outside the EU out of Germany i would like to have another base closer to, for example, South Africa. But if i understand correctly opening a subsidiary with home base in Egypt wouldn’t help me because my holding is still in Germany. Flights out of South Africa aren’t allowed to drop passengers/land in Egypt. Is this correct? If so what would be the advantages of opening up a subsidiary?

I hope you can help me out with these questions. Many thanks in advance.


Hi there.

  • remember how you started your holding? it’s the same button. press the plus, then select your holding as your parent company (you can also found a new holding, but you’ll be charged credits for that)

  • you are correct. flights leaving the EU must start or end in your holding’s base country. so as a germany based carrier, you can not connect to any non EU countries.

  • you are correct. opening a supsidary in egypt wouldn’t help you. I, however, don’t know what happens if you buy an airline via the stock market, that is based out of egypt. someone else will have to answer that one.

since I’m way too small myself to even be considering opening up susidiaries, I can only guess. I would assume, thou, that for one it is an organizational thing and some sort of cool looks to it and B) I could imagine it helps to keep down maintenance costs, since you wouldn’t use too many different maintenance categories in a single airline). but again, someone else will have to answer that one, I’m afraid.

Hi Yukawa,

Thank you for quick and clear reply. It really helped a lot! Don’t Think i’m ready for a subsidiary either. It doesn’t look that it had much advantages apart from the ‘coolness factor’ and maybe riskmanagment by spreading the risk of bankruptcy.