Not sure if bug or just me?

I started a new company in Pearls and noticed some strange behavior in my flights. It seems that new flights aren’t added any more? I created schedule a day ago and activated it.

It does not add all flights only one. I never seen this with my other airline but maybe thats normal I don’t know.

See attachments for problem.

Schedule1 is my schedule

And schedule2 is the flights. Notice that last flights are messed up.

It happens all the time.

Do not pay notice it will sort itself out. Just do not cancel those flights.

PS Good luck on filling those flights! They do not look very promising .

Thanks for clearing that.

It’s strange I have never seen that thing in my other airline

Yup I know its hard but that is why it is interesting to try

This occurs only with new flights as far as we could figure out.