Odd results

hi, i just would like to share with you some of my ideas after playing in this game for a couple of weeks. I am very much surprised by the popularity of some routes and lack of popularity of the others. In some cases, for the ones which are popular (fully booked) the competition is fierce and logically load factor should be lower whereas for the ones with a monopolistic character load factor should be higher. This is not the case. Some destinations are always with a very poor load factor no matter what type of arrangements have been applied.

I must say I dont understand the algorithm or reasoning behind what to do in order to be successful for those unpopular but still major routes. I have modified cabin configurations, improved on-board service, adjusted departures and arrivals, concluded interlining agreements, adjusted prices and schedule towards competition. What else can you do? Somehow I am losing motivation…

thanks in advance for any comments


Can you give an example of routes that don’t match your expectations? Normally, the competition situation should be a good indication of which routes work and which don’t.

Don’t forget to take into consideration connecting flights. My AbuDhabi hub has around 70% transfer pax, and that may eat into a lot of other direct routes that could be monopolistic/competitive.

I’ve also noticed that loads to depend on who else is flying, and who they interline with (and the usual flight ratings etc).

Lastly, I’ve had routes that have previously not worked AT ALL and now are fully booked - and vice versa.


Sure, e.g.






This is just a sample.

Thanks. But I still somehow don’t see the key for this game. Maybe it does not exist…

You might just be in the unfortunate situation that there are airlines with a large hub between WAW and those destinations (FRA, MUC and VIE come to mind) that can attain a better rating than your flights on these routes. You could try to operate these with better seats or with a better cabin service. Dropping prices somewhat may also help.

Just because no competitors, or very few competitors, operate the flight directly doesn’t mean there are only a few passengers flying between the two airports.

Thanks. I will take it into account and will make more adjustments.