Offshore Focus Cities - Will feeder flights connect?

Hi guys!

I’ve just checked up on the game mechanics regarding traffic restrictions which seem to be pretty well done. I do have one question that is going to be an issue when I eventually start long haul operations though.

Being based in Australia, several of my long haul flights, particularly to Europe, are going to require a fueling stop in a large airport most likely in SE Asia. Real world airlines flying the Kangaroo route, Qantas and BA, use Singapore as a secondary hub to allow passengers to feed from earlier flights. For example, QF15 flies Sydney - Singapore - Frankfurt which is fine if you originate in Sydney. However if you originate in Brisbane for example, QF51, Brisbane - Singapore is scheduled to arrive within the minimum connection time for the Singapore - Frankfurt leg of QF15 and this is the routing Qantas will sell you.

In game, if I were to use a similar routing, it is my understanding that due to traffic restrictions:

  1. No passengers originating from Singapore will be carried

  2. I assume that passengers originating from Sydney will be carried through to Frankfurt while some will disembark in Singapore.

What I haven’t been able to clarify and wonder if you guys can, is:

If I schedule flights terminating in Singapore from say, Brisbane and Melbourne, does the game allow passengers originating other Australian cities to transit in Singapore and then board the second leg of the flight to Frankfurt?

If anyone understands this part of the game mechanics in detail and can clear this up before I shape a schedule around the concept I’d greatly appreciate it!


Yes, your passengers will be able to connect, however, you will not make any money on the SIN-Europe leg because AS will not let you charge enough to cover your costs and maintain a positive rating.

Legend, that clears that up. Shame you can’t make it fiscally feasible like real life. Cheers though!