On the Radar, please - AN-178


There is a huge gap in the small cargo market (that is not called the ATR-72F, because its range and speed are not as good as the prospective AN-178).

Note that it is in final assemlby and I would order a hundred of these if I could today! I can't wait for the real-world data!!! Please keep this bad boy in mind for addition!!!


Ain't she beautiful?

Hope the civil war in Ukraine won't jeopardize such project.

Hope the civil war in Ukraine won't jeopardize such project.

Well there is a plant in Voronezh (VAPO) that pumps out the 148. I am sure that Antonov would like to make $$$ and I would imagine that if Rossiya or a government agency like MTchS (Emergency Ministry) orders the 178 like they did the 148 then there will be production in VAPO.

Sadly, I would imagine that Antonov may fall victim to politics before bullets and pull out of the joint-venture.

Antonov is falling slowly as the victim of politics. Their two transport projects - An 178 and An-70 were aimed to russian military markets. But with the begining of civil war in Ukraine both progects were suspended by Russian Defence ministry. Russia starts development of Il-112 (brother of Il-114) as alternative to An-178, rearms Il-76 as alternative to An-70 and developes new airctaft with India and China as alternative to Il-96 and An-124. 

Antonov's plane An-148 produces in VAPO due license for 20 years, new airplanes of Antonov would not produced there.