Open Air Rights Restrictions

    We know outside a few special area,exp:Europe,Africa,Austrila and New Zealand,a airlines can't from A to B to C,only A to B.But in real social,airlines can from A to B to C,exp:SQ from SIN-FRA-JFK,SIN-ICN-LAX,KE from ICN-LAX-GRU,GA from CGK-AMS-LGK,HY from TAS-RIX-JFK,TK from ULN-FRU-IST and so on,especially in Asia theirs plane can't fly to South America or in Bangkok,Singapore,Kuala Lumpur,Jakarta,theirs plane can't fly to North America and South America or from Europe can't fly to Austrila and New Zealand,because no plane can directly fly to destination.

   I think in AS game,airlines can be allowed to fly A-B-C even if these airlines in mother country not in Europe,Afria,Austrilia and New Zealand,for example a company in mother country in Singapore,it can fly SIN to FRA,if this airline want to fly FRA-JFK,so it must cost much price,assume A330/B767/A350/B787 one flight round trip must cost 150000,if this airline fly FRA-JFK 7 times a week,so it must cost 750000 a week,if it use larger plane,exp:B777/B748 or A380,the cost for one time will more expensive,if it use a small plane fly,exp:B737/A320,the cost for one time will cheaper.In a world,the cost is base on "how much times","plane type","flight distance" in a week.The price deduction in the weekly settlement.



  Also A airline can fly domestic routes in another contry,exp: singapore airline can fly SIN-FRA-MUC or SIN-FRA-JFK-ATL,fly SIN-FRA-JFK-ATL must cost 2 times of price, one time is FRA-JFK,another time is JFK-ATL.So this game should allow to a flight can stopover 2times.




I do not want to sound harsh, but if you read the forums, you will find your answers why this is not being done in AS. This has been discussed many times.

Search button is your friend.

In a nutshell, some things just simply cannot be modeled in AS because they are either technically not possible, or would take a lot of resources, or implementing them would bring only a minor benefit at the expense of heavy time consuming programming work, which can be better spent on developing new features.