Operating an LLC to be actually sustainable | Other ideas

I have a list of things that I wish to be added. 

For Low-Cost Carrier

  • Paid items on IFE (Food, drinks, souvenirs, etc.)
  • Advertisements on cabin (Ads on IFE, stowage area, back seats)
  • An algorithm to make passengers PREFER cheaper flights over good service
  • Choose to hire FAs based on experience. (Low Experience = More affordable)

New airline policies

  • Baggage fee. (We can choose price depending on the weight category)
  • Cancellation fee.
  • Refund policy.
  • Pet fee policy.
  • Discount for PWD, Senior Citizens, Veterans, Family of airline staff (to increase staff happiness).
  • Late on flight policy.

General Gameplay

  • Ability to choose what IFE we can install. (Overhead TVs, Universal chargers, Personal TV)
  • Ability to choose the IFE quality. (Movie selection, Show selection, Flight map, Song selection)
  • New passenger classes. (Premium Economy, Budget Economy)
  • New rating system similar to SkyTrax's 5 star system.
  • Marketing (TV, Radio, Billboards, Newspaper, etc...)
  • Ability to choose whether to serve passengers airline magazine or outsource to other publishers. (airline magazine will give a bonus, but much more expensive)
  • Set price hikes or price drops to certain seasons. (i.e. set fares up to 5% on Christmas, Summer days)
  • Press release page. (To give more life to worlds. A page where users can announce anything about their airline)

You may want to search here in that forum. I do not see one single suggestion / wish in your list which was not yet put in front of us in other threads. 

Some of your wishes are part of a feature we are waiting for, booking classes. Perhaps you may want to search for this topic only and will find quite a lot of stuff to read.

Most of the ideas have been mentioned previously and team are aware of them but we will see what the (long) future holds!