Opinions on a few aircraft types?

Hey I am in the process of building an airline in South Korea on one of the game worlds. I am the only airline in South korea, however ICN is full off cargo airlines, so the slots when I started was like 45% left.

I have about 1300 departures from ICN with about 38% slots left and a lot of the trunk route airports like Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan etc are all basically full with less than 5% slots, so I need a high capacity plane to bring as many pax from those trunk airports to ICN.

So my question is opinions on certain aircraft types I could use

There are dirt cheap 767-400ERs on the market that would do a job but ive never used them, has anyone got any opinions on these?

A330-300R - never used them, are they decent enough for the job?

What would you recommend?

747 Domestic if available.

Really? Surely they dont make profit ?

Full they make a lot of money. I am using those in China and they pay my rent. :slight_smile: