ORS Rating / EQ

Coming back to a relatively old post but I figured it was better than starting a new ORS thread.
One of my airlines (based in Chile) and my Argentina based neighbor offer lots of flights between SCL and EZE. We both use recent planes younger than 2.5 years, they do the flight in either 1h42 or 1h43, and all of our flights are rated at 100. Market shares are 90% vs 10% for me. My individual flight scores are in the sixties, his are in the high fifties. The first couple of pages of the ORS result show all of these flights, ranked by departure time. Is it correct that no matter what I do, as long as I don't lose the 100 value, it won't affect my competitiveness?

Frequency is key. The more flights you have, the more passengers you’ll get. But yes, you’ll need to keep that 100 rating.

Frequency is key. The more flights you have, the more passengers you'll get. But yes, you'll need to keep that 100 rating.

I personally opted to fly bigger planes less frequently. If I'm flying to 10 airports 3 times a day, does that not give me as high of a rating as flying to 10 airports 6 times a day? Or do those give the same ratings?

I’ve heard frequency is key, but I can’t tell if it’s purely because passengers would just have more options of airports to fly to.

First, for direct demand an analogy is to buy more raffle tickets, you get more eggs in a basket, more chance to win.

For connections with more frequency you enable more connections thus get more possibilities for connecting passengers to book your flights.