ORS Rating

Hello Guys

Can somebody tell me what is the significance of the rating in the ORS.

I have flights going out from my hub but the flights are not full so I checked the ORS and my flights are at the top with 100% rating. However other airlines with rating lower than mine are running with full loads and that too with about 5 - 8% more on ticket prices.

Whats going on here and how does it all work??? How are the other airlines managing to grab passengers with lower rating and higher ticket prices than mine?

Just when I thought I have understood the game.

Well, he might offer better connections and passengers only fly this route with him because they want to continue their journey to somewhere else.

ORS rating is important, nevertheless, of course, not the only mean by which a passenger chooses an airline.

Okay I hope "Antworte" means reply and not new thread or something… When Tim said the 2 communities would be merged I did not imagine the instructions/info even for the English section would be in German… hmm maybe I have to brush up on German (Actually I considered a few German Schools for my Grad studies and was quite serious about learning serious German at that point)!!!

For your question, I guess you are talking about my airline when you say "other airlines"… btw before I say anything I would like to say that you have a done a pretty good job of making things hard for me and the game would not be half as interesting had you not been playing in India.

About the ORS ratings, they are important, probably the only number that actually matters… all other factors like price,seats etc contribute to this. The reason you are not getting bookings even though you have great ratings is connections and over capacity. Since I have better connections @ BOM I am able to get more transfer pax and maybe only 20% the direct traffic, you probably get 50-60% of direct traffic. Check your office page for your hubs @ DEL & BOM, I am sure you’ll have a much lower percentage of direct pax traffic @ DEL since you have better connections there. I believe a good hub should have no more than 25% direct traffic (I would like to see a few posts discussing this number), I am currently @ ~30% @ BOM.

So while in such a scenario ratings will not go a long way to fill up your aircraft the ratings help greatly when doing connections.

Also another suggestion for you, you have been trying too hard by copying my routes, I don’t think that works unless the routes have a high direct pax volume like JFK-LAS/JFK-MCO, none of the routes in india except DEL-BOM is like that. The 800-900 departures that you have @ BOM, if you had used those resources and added to your DEL hub network I guess you would have a network that would possibly have a much bigger effect on my network or for that matter even have prevented my network to grow to it’s current size.

btw everyday atleast once a day I check your aircraft purchases & flight schedule changes(esp from BOM) :)

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Thanks… did not see that.

Hello Ivan

Glad to hear from you. And its interesting to hear from your competitor.

Like wise you have done the same with raising the competition in India. And the best I could do without mentioning your airline was to put “other airlines” but ofcourse it was obvious I was talking about you :)

You have made an important point in terms of connections. I had started my airline at Delhi and with quite a few of months of hard work and facing severe competition my airline became the biggest airline at Delhi in terms of carrying passengers. After that I moved my focus towards Mumbai however I missed a crucial point. Without creating a strong regional feed I started adding flights on international routes (reason being more/bigger profits on long haul flights).

I have never tried to copy your routes but what I have been doing was instead copying my routes from Delhi to Mumbai. Problem with that I have now noticed is Delhi has a regional feed and Mumbai does not.

And likewise I check daily to see your aircraft purchases and the number of flights you have added at Mumbai. It has been really challenging but a healthy competition is always good, makes you strive harder and you have been a good competitor.

Another thing, if you don’t mind disclosing how do you make a profit on your JFK route with that 767…I see you run full but with that seating how do you afford at that price?

Also have you seen some effect over the past few weeks due to a neighboring airline taking a bite out of the Indian domestic traffic to middle east and now even to Europe?

Currently I am not making any profit on the Del - JFK route. I had put the route in place to test how the routes would work out for the North American continent. I have been gradually increasing the ticket prices and its now that I am breaking even. I had noticed when I had increased the fares suddenly I was loosing passengers so had to bring it down and increase gradually.

I am not too confident about this route and will take it off if I dont see any profit in the coming week.

And yes the profit margin has dropped due to competition and I am finding it difficult to keep the same level of passenger load.

same here, I am thinking of how to adjust with that airlines effect. I have been curious about the North American market as well but unless you use the 777 or the 380 you couldn’t have good ratings and make profits and with my 739s connecting it will be very hard to fill 777s and the profits are not worth the effort at this point of time, later on maybe when the market is more saturated maybe it will seem like a better option.

Speaking of ORS, can anyone tell me how to express flight rating in numbers? I have so far seen only those red/green sticks.

I heard about the numbers on the old forum, but I couldn’t ask because I had some problems logging in…

Let your mouse pointer hover over the image for a moment and the number will show up.

Aaah, tnx. I often play using my mobile, so I couldn’t do it…