ORS System

I have been wanting to use the ORS system a lot of late as I am getting ready for an expansion phase. However, everytime I log on recently it is always ‘deactivated for performance reasons’. I realise that there is a huge amount of data that its need to have access to to and get updated, but was wondering whether there was a particular time where its always active or is it just because of the low tech computer Im using :blink: ?

Check the Game Status at the bottom of your in-game pages. If it is up to date (meaning server time displayed at the top) the ORS is available. If it has tasks to work on, it’s disabled (temporarily).

it is only because the low tech servers AS is using

lol…nice one chillhunter.

Thanks Tim.


I usually check the Game Status Page, as described by Tim.

If the server is 10 minutes (or more) behind schedule, I forget about it and try again the next time I log in.

But if the status page only shows a few orange lines (less than one minute behind schedule) I open the ORS on several windows/tabs and fill in the origin and destination fields of the routes I want to check. As soon as the status page shows only green lines - or only one yellow line - I quickly press <enter> on all ORS pages.

And if there are several red lines, I come to the forum and read the recent messages. That’s what I am doing now. Status page is red again


Thanks Jan. Your description of of the colors and times helps a lot. I have always been directed to the game status page, but was never 100% sure what I was looking at. Now I do, so thanks again.

You’re welcome ;)