Overall Margin??

Hi everyone,

Can someone please explaine this to me?

2 flights, IDENTICALLY the same,  on antonov 148  from bogota to cucuta, with 100% full pax. load,

the only difference is the time of flight:   flight 1   took off  19:50 HT,  flight 2 took off  21:15.

flight 1 had an overall income of +645$    flight 2  had an overall income  -182$ 

why is this?? just because flight 2  landed on a later time??  how the hell can you make profit,  i have to buy a bilion credits in order to buy more airplanes lol   seriously  soon the staff needs to get paid their salaries and i wont be able to pay them :(

Was it the same Airplane or just the same Type?

Yes it is the same airplane aswell.

It was actually a Return flight, like this:

19:50 HT   Flight from Bogota to Cucuta,   +645$ overall margin

21:15 HT   Flight back Cucuta to Bogota,    -182$ overall margin

Both flights had 100% full passengers, and the price is the same for both routes.  In the details window I see the ONLY differences are:

aircraft handling,  Branch office, crew leasing/depreciation, and landing fees  that are all more expensive on the return flight.

How can this be? :(      This will take me years before I could just buy an AN12 lol  seriously I love this game and want to buy credits  but if theres no profit nothing  then theres no more fun to play

Not every airport charges the same landing fees, so that actually makes sense. Cucuta(CUC) is classed as a village airport with a 30 min turnaround, whilst Bogota(BOG) is a large airport so the turnaround times are slightly longer (1h), which means the indirect costs (which are calculated based on the period of aircraft utilization) are higher due to the longer timespan.

Office, crew, and leasing costs are charged weekly, but landing costs are charged when the flight takes off. As long as your flight makes its direct costs, the indirect costs can be paid for by other flights. However, you may want to consider changing aircraft types, with a route length of 401km, a turboprop would run much more cheaply, not only in fuel, but in other direct cost fees as well. (Alternatively, raise your ticket prices.)

Landing fees are different for different airports.

Leasing/depreciation is based on the total time incl. turn-around. Bogota has a higher turn-around time, therefore all time-related costs - in addition to airport-related costs such as ground handling and landing fees - are different (and higher) on the return flight.