Parent Company Returns

I know this has been talked about before. But I really think the option to transfer money to your shareholders needs to be added. I would like to have the initial investment my main company invested returned, so that I can maybe try to create a new company. But not only that, I think that if other companies have shares in your company, and, you are not doing anything with your cash, you should have the option to give a portion of that unused cash to your shareholders, proportionate to the percentage of shares they have.

Also I think that if your company is going through financial difficulties, or maybe even if you’re not, your main company, or shareholders, should be able to insert more capital into your company. This would then change the number of shares you have in the company, but at least you have additional capital to work with.

Both of these suggestions are things that happen in the real world, so I think that it should be implemented on the game. I know it could be difficult to implement, but I think it shouldn’t be much different than what we already have with the asset transfer. The only difference is if you have shareholders, you would say how much you want to transfer to your shareholders, and then the system would distribute that money according to the percentage of shares that company has. This of course is in addition to the dividends you initially need to give to the shareholders.