Passenger Demand

Does domestic routes generates more passenger then international routes when each connects same demanding airports like between 9 and 10 bars?

Does setting a longer distance between two airports also decrease passenger demand?

As a newbie, I am really struggling to find profitable routes which can give decent profit. 

I read through "AS for beginners - an attempted blog" and researched best I could to find good place to start.

But place like Cuba, Fiji or Vanuatu, Pacific Islands came to best choice I reckoned so I leased ATR and set up daily flights to major domestic routes and LET 410 to minor places like one return flights a week. That what I found from own research of successful small island airlines.

I have also tried to start in China, EU and North America. It was also unsuccessful. I couldn't judge which route is in demands. I look up ORS to see how booking situations looks and go through well settled airlines at the place that I am interested. But nothing really give me clear clue.

I tired also to have 0, 6, 12, 0 or 3, 9, 15, 21 connecting arrival and departure waves in scheduling but I get no connecting passengers or like a few 1 or 2 people. It could something to do with overall rating of the connecting flights. I have above 90 ratings with 100% price by tweaking seat and service config with very low company image at the beginning. But connecting flights in ORS have got only below 50 always.

I have tried set best seat, service config to get hight rating with minimum costs. Even If I found reasonable route to set I needed to have above 90 rating to be in place to get pax booked to flights. I had to use really good seat config which significantly reduce total seat counts, and also providing minimum full rating 5 outta 5 in flight service for the distance that I am setting up. After all this, when even flight get fully booked I get like near 0% profit margin.

Is any experienced user willing to tutor me through Airlinesim? I am seeking my master tutor to go through Airlinsim together and I can learn from.

I would like to learn to start a small business in Pacific Islands or in a low populated country, where there is no domestic competitor. And learn how simulation really works.

As a beginner you should not start in a small market like Pacific Islands.

Neither EU, US nor China are good choice to start.

Search for Vietnam, Chile, Marocco, Mexico, Brasilia, Indonesia, Algeria or Iran (just to name a few) on an existing server. The domestic demand is always there and in the beginning you should concentrate on the domestic market. If the gameworld is played with used planes, you will find cheap planes to start with.

AS passengers like luxury cabin configurations. So do not hesitate to use ComfortPlus and LieFlat 140 seats also for short routes. Service profile is also important - give them best service and passengers will fly with you.

An ideal scenario: a country with 1 or 2 +7 bar airports and 8-10 +4 bar airports. If you find a spot with +50% slots available, then you can start.

Take the time not only to read the beginners blog but also search for the tutorials on youtube. They explain step by step what is important.

I could give you some more support if you would play on Aspern, Gatow, Tempelhof or Stapleton.

But first of all you have to find your personal spot! There are enough on nearly every server - companies die every day and suddenly you will find the spot for you.

Cheers highscore,

Indeed I used maximum possible settings for seat and service config that I am setting route up for also particular service for distance that it has.

Seat Configs


Service Configs


I tried best I could but I still get no profit on fully booked flight.


Your help and guide would be really appreciated mate. :)

I will try to find good spot on the servers that you wrote.

Let's continue via PM.

I got that happened to me once when I started in Italy, but since you are providing top notch service, you can raise the price higher than your competitors and still get better ORS. Highscore is a good guy, he'll help you, i'm pretty much a newbie just like you and still getting used to the game so I can't help you much :)

If I were you I'd delete the post with all the details.  No reason to give your entire strategy away for free.  Most of us can back into opponents strategies after playing/testing but no reason to give it away for free.

(You could edit away all the important stuff)

Hey Lipscomb407,

Cheers for advice mate.

But I am quite OK with sharing the screenshots that I posted.

And it does not really show specific configurations to get ratings and such.

Well I could not succeed with that particular configuration anyway. :wacko: