Passenger terminal capacity

I operate daily flight to my destination with B-787 of 200 pax. I want to build a terminal there, as my flight is not full and I'm curious if this thing will help (and I have some free money for this test, of course :).

But I'm not sure, if I have to build it with capacity of 1400 pax (7*200 - only departing pax are counting) or 2800 pax (2*7*200 - departing AND arriving pax).


Only the departing number of passengers count for purposes of terminanal capacity calculation and utilization.

The min capacity for a terminal is anyway 2,000. You can’t build a smaller terminal

Yeah, I forgot this 2000 limitation...


it does strike me as unlikely, though, that a terminal will make the difference between a profitable route and otherwise.

Given the rather large capital expense of building a terminal this is unlikely to be a profitable business decision...