Passenger Transfers

How many flights will a passenger transfer for?

I'm operating airlines in Canada and i plan to have smaller aircrafts operate flights out of my northern hub (Yellowknife-YZF). I then plan to have larger aircraft to transfer aircraft from my northern hub to both my western hub (Calgary-YYC) and eastern hub (montreal-yul). From there passengers will transfer from my western and eastern hubs to their final destinations.

So would a passenger fly the following route:

Whitehorse(YXY) - Yellowknife(YZF) - Calgary(YYC) - Winnipeg (YWG)

each flight is between 2-3 hours plus transfer times are around 1 hour at each airport

In real world there are generally a lot of transfers needed to made to fly to remote northern airlines. Is that the case for Airlinesim?

I think in AS pax fly at most 3 legs.

If that's the case, your flight plan might still work because you could have YXY-YZF-YYC pax and YZF-YYC-YWG pax overlapping. If nothing else, that YZF-YYC segment should do well.

ok. thanks for the answers!