PAX numbers in each direction different

I have a number of routes where the traffic in one direction is higher than the traffic in the other direction. None of the explanations I’ve seen so far seem to explain this adequately. There is no competition on the route, the route is not booked out, there is no runway length restriction, ORS shows both directions as optimal, all other routes involve connecting flights. Looking at the route detail, both the total bookings and the connecting numbers are higher in one direction than the other, and the difference (ie the PAX with direct connections) is higher in one direction than the other.

In other words, PAX appear to be doing one-way flights. Does this make sense?


it only makes sense if they migrate ;)

I have seen the same on some routes, and I can think of three reasons…

Your flight to Delhi gets a lot of transfer passengers from Manchester, but your return flight from Delhi does not connect to a flight to Manchester. This is just an example, but you know what I mean.

Same situation as above, but at the hub of your interlining partner in Manchester… your outbound flight takes passengers to a connecting flight to Glasgow, but your return flight gets no passengers from Glasgow.

Airport demand calculation is the third possibility. The game does not calculate passenger streams in both directions. Each airport calculates it’s demand (actually, it sends out passengers). Every small airport in Europe may have a few passengers for London, but London does perhaps not have a few passengers for every single airport in Europe.


1 and 2 - checked

3 - nope, sorry - the demand is the same in both directions ;)


thanks for your fast reply.

I didn’t know about 3. That’s why I used the words “may” and “perhaps”.

But it means the list of destinations for big airports is endless. No wonder the server gets stuck for a few minutes every time it has to calculate the demand of big airports…



my airports are A and B, B has connecting flights to other sites, A does not. That means I can compare the direct traffic A->B and B->A by subtracting the connecting flights to and from respectively. The result is that the direct A<->B traffic is not the same in both directions. So if SK says demand is the same in both directions, why are the traffic figures different?


There are so many factors which you haven’t mentioned, no one can give you an answer. For example, do other airlines operate on the route?

You might also have another airline that flies from Delhi to Manchester via it’s own hub and has a better rating than your flight. That is particularly important when flying to/from major hubs (eg: SIN-LHR etc).

As I said in the original post - no competition on the route. In other words, no.

Are there nearby airports with routes by you or other airlines?

Are prices and service the same? Check ORS for rating differences.

I have the same situation for the route OTP - SKP. Full load for OTP - SKP, 0% load for SKP - OTP. My hub is in OTP, no competition on this route.