Performance improvements on Stapleton?

To all those who are actively testing on Stapleton:

I’ve been fiddling a bit with the database of Stapleton today. Reason for this was to cut loading times for complex statistics like the global transport statistics (seat-km/cargo-lm for both enterprises and alliances) or the detailed statistics on the office page.

So if you are running airlines on Stapleton (especially large ones in case of the private statistics): Do you notice any speed improvement when loading these stats?

Ich antworte mal auf Deutsch, ist für mich einfacher.

Also ich merke bisher bei den Stats keinen unterschied, wobei ich die letzten Tage schon fand, dass der Testserver etwas langsamer läuft als fornebu, wenn auch nur minimal.

Also, bei mir bisher alles glei…

Anybody else?

I’m not an active tester but after a quick comparison to Tempelhof performance during quiet hours didn’t show much difference in my case.

Initial loading of all the mentioned statistics took about 30 seconds on both servers but I didn’t monitor server status. Subsequent loads were faster but still fairly similar in both servers.