players not online cannot sign interlining contract....

They do not online I cannot sign interlining contract. They make me cannot start flight and too low loading. Help…

how old are you ? probably 10 I guess

may be one of the mods can make him stop opening one stupid thread after the other

They can make their own decisions on whether they WANT to interline with you our not. In order to do so, they have to be online some time… logical?

have you thought of opening a twitter-account for sharing your thoughts? instead of openingthreads in the general forum?

stupid? if they don’t sign, new airlines cannot live…because they are too big, all domestic customers had been stolen…

you all have no consideration…lol

dont think the question be too easy.

do you want them to be FORCED to sign an IL contract with you? that’s not feasible, because it involves costs and manipulates their passenger streams.

Try sending a message after you send the IL request. You can explain your plans for the game, mention that you are new and etc. Most players will help you without hasitation. If you get rejected, kindly ask the reason and suggestions. Feedbacks will always help you.

Also there are a lot of airlines which get disappears some time after, that makes an extra staff cost for the in game players so IL offers from new players without any explanation are directly rejected.

I usually send an IGM almost simultaneously with the IL offer and sometimes even before sending the IL. I also usually don’t accept (not reject) ILs without any communication from the player.

Same here.

@ Cellist:

if your domestic flights are empty, your chances to survive are small. It may mean the home market is already over crowded. Starting an airline with a few domestic flights should be possible, even without interlining. Unless you equipped your planes with crappy standard seats, offer little or no on-board service and sell your tickets at too high a price.

You can always liquidate your holding and start again in another country. I suggest you experiment a bit to learn the game, and make a fresh start on the new server that will start in the near future.


Good advice, sobelair! Learning AS also means to learn how to look for a niche to be filled on existing servers!

You will eventually get a feeling of where it might be feasible to set up shop.

Like me! I moved over all sorts of servers until I settled down in stapleton. See Wings of the Aegean!