ok i am new to this and i got flight sked and only like 2 or 5 people (if i am lucky) on my flights… is this because i am an new airlien and the paxs doing know me… how do i get more pax thanks (and some cargo)

First: Welcome to AirlineSim :)

Try to improve your service and/or lower your prices.

airline, server?

already read?


my server is Stapleton and my airline is Westn Airways

Thanks I am excited to start i love the airlines and il try that any other ideas?thanks

Try to build a proper Hub-system, find a niche market. And for a begining player like you dont’t start in the US or Europe since they are dominated by some very big airlines with hunderds of planes.

Here is a great tutorial a player made. I learned a lot of it.

And welcome to the game btw.