Price adaption

Hello guys.

I am playing on aspern and I'm rather successful. But as my fleet grows the amount of time I have to invest to adapt the prices increases constantly. I go through each single flight and adapt prices manually. I'm sure that there is a more efficient way of doing that.

How do you adapt your prices and how often?

I know that there is a tool that allows me to increase/decrease prices for all flights but I only wanna increases prices when my plane is fully booked.

Best wishes

Donut_1 aka Michael

The size of the airline matters. With my largest airline (220 aircraft, approx. 9,500 flights per week.. and that's just one of four airlines), it can take nearly three or four hours to go through each flight and adjust if there's a lot to do. A couple tips...

- If you don't know already, you can adjust the whole route's prices at the bottom of the route management page. Keep in mind it adjusts ALL the flights' prices on that route. It can also, if you're not careful, adjust your service profile and pax/cargo handling. I tend to adjust my prices by flight, not route as time goes on. Certain flights need a little discount to keep full.

- Considering the ORS goes out three days, separate your checking. If you have more than one hub, do one hub per day. You aren't going to lose a lot of money by splitting up the times you look at the prices.

- Don't raise your prices unless you are absolutely sure you can keep the aircraft fully loaded. Aspern is getting to the point where supply and demand are even. Raising your prices will probably lead to you losing passengers. Good advice for AS: if it isn't broke, don't fix it.