Price model/system in AS

[left]This question interests me very much. Why in AS set aircraft price, which is different from actual sometimes 50% or more? For example, Airbus A320 real/actual price is about $ 88-89 million dollars, but in AS its price is $ 53.3 million. For others aircraft the opposite situation, for example Tu-214. Real price this type is $33-35 millions, but in AS - $ 54.[/left]

[left]I’m trying to understand the aircraft pricing system in AS. Airlines don’t want to buy Tu-214 even at a low price - $35 millions, and if this aircraft was cost $54 million (as in AS), the Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant wouldn’t sell no one plane. ))[/left]

[left]Such the disparity prices to leads very high distortion/errors of the simulation economic model. In result the economic behavior of many real aircrafts is not like their traditional prototypes. In other games this problem has been solved very simple: manufacturers and aircraft types names have been changed, for example: Boeing – Boodwing, Airbus – Aerobus, ect. But it was the offline single strategy games sample1999-2004 уу. Today, technology allows to create the any economic models by 90% simulating real processes.So there is a question about the fuel price. (ASc$/l) = 65. Why? If 1000 kg (1 ton or 800 liters) average price is $900, than 1 l = $1,13….[/left]

[left]I think, that the mix of reality and fiction in AS disorients players. As a result, many of players get misconception about the aviation business… Who else thinks about it?[/left]

Please note that AirlineSim is only a simulation with an own currency (AirlineSim Dollar - AS$) - it is not comparable to US$ or € or any other currency. To keep it simple and easier to play, we do not have changes in the currency in the world and we also don’t have any costums fees for specific airline manufacturer. We had several internal discussions about this before and may it will be implemented one day.

Yes, yes, I understand. So in the real aviation used NUC - neutral unit currency (although it is still close to the dollar). I’m talking about the need to comply the proportions, otherwise the economics model will not work correctly.

Here is a very good monitoring of market prices for the aircrafts


Tu-214 is even theoretically can’t cost more than A320, because this aircraft worse for their operational and economic characteristics. By the way, Tu-214 production has already been stopped in 2011.

We are working on a new aircraft performance model for more than a year now and in this included, we will also update the data of course.

It’s very joyful! )))

Tu-214 (all series) can safely be excluded from production. Now Tupolev Desing Bureau designed the new model: Tu-214SM, but it seems the success of the buyers/airlines will not have.

Just to correct you slightly - 1 NUC = 1 USD :)