Price performance ratio optimisation

I’ve been playing AS for a while so am getting past the basic mechanics and trying to understand the finer details…

So, how do people optimise their price performance ratio? Is it on a per route basis? Do you look at the ORS and focus on two regions you’re trying to connect? Is there some rule of thumb you use?

Currently developing my own strategy so not after your trade secrets, but any helpful pointers would be useful!

It depends on too many factors for a one size fits all answer. It really depends on the market you’re flying in, how important connections are to fill your flights, what level of service/seats you are offering and how much competition there is on your routes.

One tip I can give is that as long as your flight and/or connecting flights result in a green bar “eq” rating in ORS, they are available for booking. Pax will flat out refuse to book any flights that are in the red for this rating, even if there are no alternative options (they would rather stay home). Therefore if you want to really min/max profit vs rating, you could ensure this as a minimum on all routes.

I have my own strategy to achieving this, which regularly results in fast growth and typically in the top 1-3 airlines in a new gameworld. Happy to share some of these tips via DM if you want to know more. Cant give away all my secrets to the entire fourm :wink:

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