Hello everyone,

Let’s say that i opened a line between 2 city whit this plane : ATR 42-500

Question :

  1. on my rute i recive in cabin configuration only "Economy Seat". How can i allocate "Business Seat" or more ? can i set 30 economic seat and 20 business seat of max 50 ( on this airplane ) ?

  2. if on my rute i rise the catering services like this : from "Soft Drinks" to "Soft Drinks and Beer" on "Economy Class" , how this thing affect the price? i must change myself?

  3. what this image means : I found it on ORS page.


I suggest you take a thorough look and read some of the articles in the "wiki" section.

The price for catering is duly noted and summed up just below the settings. The price passengers PAY can be adjusted in the "routes" section.

The symbol for ground transport means exactly that: ground transport. these are services not offered by other players, but airlinesim. any flight with a rating BELOW ground transport level will not receive direct bookings (only transfer passengers may book).

PS: Try "Cabin configurations" for different seat alignments.