Private game world Reality recruiting

We’re looking for new players to join the private game world Reality.

Reality largely follows the same rules as the public game worlds, but obviously with less holdings which allows you to experiment without the usual worries around slots etc… We have a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Your first holding receives a start up bonus which is determined by the number of airports in your home market. There are also limits to the number of holdings per country (this is currently not an issue, and all markets are available). Real world airlines permitted but not required.

Cost is even split between players, and due every two months. It is capped at 40EUR for two months.

Interlining between holdings is permitted (no other cooperation). We currently have four holdings per player.

We’ve been going for about six months, so there are some very established airlines but still plenty of opportunity. Australia, Japan, the USA and EU would be the most challenging, but lots of potential remains for an experienced player. Beginner players are welcome, and I’m happy to suggest some markets which are a bit less crowded.

To help out new players, the start up bonus will have a 25% increase.

If you are interested, send me a private message. I am about to go on holidays so it may take me a few days to respond but I will reply!


Is there any Site where i can see the Serversettings linke startmoney etc.?

Is Reality still on board and active?

Hi, unfortunately Reality is ending on 30 May.

The game world is ending on 30 May.

Sad to read that another world is dead.