Private Game World Zepppelin

Hi! Got a question, Is the ORS based on the older type, or on the new one found in yeager II? :slight_smile:

It is the good old ORS :wink:

I am interested in joining this World.

Well still have slots available for interested players. If you have further questiona or if you like to join, just let me know.

i would be intressted

Hey, I’m interested, let me know if theres still room.

Yep, there is still room.

Free Slots on Zeppelin, good places to start. Airports bigger than 6 and free slots more than 70%:

Score List

This list shows a list of countries (and in which world) where the number of free slots is above the defined threshold. The list is sorted by the country with the most free slots in absolute numbers. Click on any of the column headers to sort the table.

The slots capacity shows the maximum amount of slots that are possible available, the slots free show the number of free slots in that country, while the Ratio then just calculates the percentage of this. These values are the sum of all the airports including and above the defined threshold.

World Country Slots capacity Slots free Ratio
Zeppelin Spain 88.704 64.640 72.87%
Zeppelin South Korea 44.408 34.828 78.43%
Zeppelin Saudi-Arabia 38.304 33.946 88.62%
Zeppelin Egypt 22.176 20.056 90.44%
Zeppelin Chile 18.144 17.140 94.47%
Zeppelin Kuwait 18.144 16.118 88.83%
Zeppelin South Africa 18.144 16.022 88.30%
Zeppelin Sweden 20.160 15.394 76.36%
Zeppelin Finland 18.144 15.334 84.51%
Zeppelin Greece 16.128 14.952 92.71%
Zeppelin Viet Nam 16.128 14.156 87.77%
Zeppelin Norway 18.144 13.966 76.97%
Zeppelin Israel 14.112 12.496 88.55%
Zeppelin Iran 14.112 12.278 87.00%
Zeppelin Denmark 16.128 11.464 71.08%
Zeppelin Czech Republic 14.112 11.410 80.85%
Zeppelin Portugal 14.112 11.036 78.20%
Zeppelin Austria 14.112 9.952 70.52%

Two slots for new players available. And big airline in US just liquidated.

Hi I’m interested, can I know more about the current situation in China, many thanks

Take a sneak peak yourself: go to and have a look into our world yourself. Or you can find good places to start on

Just let me know, when you have further questions.

In July 2019, Zeppelin turns two years old. When I started this private game world back then, probably even as the first player here in the AS-universe, everything was uncertain and a risk. But Zepplin has done very well right from the start. Despite all the doubts about the start, there have been no serious problems in the last two years. I would therefore like to thank all the former and active players who contributed to this success.

Zeppelin now is in “landing-mode” and will soon end.

More precisely, it is Zeppelin 1, that will end up;).

Time for a reboot with the modernized airship Zeppelin 2, based on all my experience of Zep 1 and based on all the innovations that have been and will be in future at AS.

The details for restarting Zeppelin 2:

• the latest ORS will be used
• dynamic turnaround times (DTA)
• each player can have 5 holdings
• ILs between own holdings and airlines are allowed and activated
• for each of its 5 holdings, each player receives a starting capital of $ 30 million per holding
• there is a limited, reasonable supply of used machines
• traffic networks are activated
• simple slots
• the stock market is active
• night bans are canceled
• there are the investment-open countries of the new public worlds (see Xiguan)
• the pax demand will always be such that playing is not boring : wink:
• the use of real names and images for airlines is allowed and desired, all names are to release by me before the start, there is a reservation list for the new start of the world
• players are in contact via two WhatsApp groups, and important news is only posted there
• costs 15 EUR / monthly - payable in advance for 3 months (each in the first 5 days of a quarter, no refund if someone leaves earlier)

2 slots for new players still available.

Zeppelin is fully booked for now and gets ready for takeoff. If there will be a slot available in future, you will get informed here.

Any chance there is any space in Canada? I would love to join :smile:

Edit - just saw the post above after I replied, please let me know if there is space! Feel free to check out my airline on Yeager

I am interested in joining if possible!

1 slot for a new players is available.

Interested in joining!

We have some slots and a lot of good starting places for new players. When interested, pleasen send IM or post here.

We have 3 open slots left for new players. Please contact me or reply here.