Problem reassigning flights from 1 aircraft to another aircraft

The system to reassign flights from 1 aircraft to another has always worked perfectly until now.

It has completely stopped working for me.

Is anyone else having this problem or know what the problem is?

Many thanks.

there isn’t really a system to reassign flights to another aircraft.

so you might have to give us some more information.

assuming, you are using the flight schedule page and just want to use another a/c by checking the checkboxes of the according days, I would put my two cents on different airspeed and/or turnaround time.

I have done it many times.

Go to scheduling for thethe "old" ac and assign a new aircraft, subject of course to distance and air speed, etc.

I cannot find what you are talking about, would love to though

If I am understanding your situation correctly, I think you mean the aircraft assignment under "Scheduling" in the Route Management. When you change the flight to a different aircraft, make sure you check on the boxes for the "Flight Day Selection".

Dr Chou…bingo! You are exactly correct. Duh me.


John in SAT