Profitable small aicraft

Hi guys,

(I’ve tried to search this in the forums but cannot find anything. If there’s there already any help to find it will be much appreciated.)

My issue is that there are some low-demand routes that seem to be too narrow for the Q400s or ATR72 but still would have some fair amount of traffic in my experience. I’d like to know if you have any suggestion for a small aircraft (30-50 seats) that can be operated profitably and add some traffic to my hubs. I’ve looked at smaller Bombardier, but profitability is really low and besides there aren’t any newer being manufactured.

Q200 and 300 are good feeders, of course, the profit is low (however, some of my Q300 have a 30% margin to 1-bar airports) , but some of those pax pay twice, because they may use an another flight from your hub … uhm btw. most of my Q400 only have 49 seats and are still very profitable.

I use the EMB 170/175 (49/51 seats) as a feeder too. My iranian airline use the AN148 (54 seats) which have a great margin … and a great range, an excellent long-range a/c if you operate from a small airport.

You can use the CRJ-200 too, it’s a good feeder aircraft.

And there’s also the Saab 340 series… I see a lot of people using it… And the Dornier 328 JET…

Of those, i haven’t use the 328. The Saabs’ profit is small, but they are really cheap.

But look, better use the Q400… If you use it with a 50/9 seats config, you can still fly it with a good profit margin when you fill like 50% of the seats. ;)

Thanks, very useful.

I have been using Dornier 328 jets on teo config: 35 y and 28y 5c. Even if my flights are full, I don’t get any proit. Can anyone help me with some advice?

raise the price? get another plane? drop the route?